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MediHealth Technologies (MHT) provide a unique suite of healthcare products to make people safer for longer.

One of the Partners Andy Hart, for 25 years working in Adult Social Care, believed he was protecting his Residents, Staff Teams and Visitors with sanitisation products in accordance with H&S guidance and protocols. He admits that a sense of anger took over when we discovered the protection only lasted to a maximum of 30 seconds and in some cases provided no better a result than simple malt vinegar. For more of Andys story

The growth and expectation of better ways of stopping the spread of viruses means there is a real demand for technology products that make a difference to companies and people.

The combination of technology and innovative application of our water based disinfectants with ongoing protection up to 24 hours on surfaces and 4-6 hours on hands, will be sought after and will attract many companies looking to provide state-of-the-art protection for their colleagues.

As the need to protect extends well beyond the pandemic, demand will continue to grow for the MHT’s product suite which is based upon full independent certification providing both safety and peace of mind.

Therefore, given the increasing acknowledgement that the vast majority of current sanitising products are not fit for purpose, MHT Ltd will work with you and your team to provide any insight and information on the wide variety of sanitising products available including our own disinfectant -
Indeed we welcome full scrutiny of our products and disinfectants


The MediTrooper Full Hand  Sanitiser Station

Guaranteeing 100% hand covering in 2 seconds

The worlds first device offering    hospital level hand sanitisation

Made in Munich, Germany

Innovative Disinfectant with Residual Barrier Technology

For both hands and surface our  range continues to protect for hours after application

MHT use the most advanced, safe and proven technology. Specially formulated and independantly certificated in the UK using only UKAS accredited laboratories

DIY Fogging

Cost savings using our fogging system

With 24 hour ongoing protection you only have to treat your venue once per day saving money on constant disinfecting and operator time.

Fogging is fast and efficient. You can cover your whole venue in just a few minutes to gain that hospital grade sterilisation everytime. 

With typical costs at only 7-9p per m3, the fogging trend has found a natural pathway to locations wishing to open safely.


Our services do not stop at the point of supply. We are always on hand to answer questions, develop bespoke protocols and even complete swab testing to provide proof of efficacy. Transparency is sadly lacking in the industry, so we wish to break the mould and be open and transparent in our work.


Sanitisation is never more important than it is today. So many products make claims that are not justified. We will help you to understand what you require under H&S and guide you to the best outcome of safety.


You need to know that your supply of products are on time, managed correctly and do the job claimed.We use a trusted and established supply chain that manages your expectations. Efficient lead times are crucial in a demanding industry.



Sanitisation Station

The MediTrooper is the world's first hand disinfection device that guarantees 100% hand coverage.

In combination with the water-based disinfectant we achieve long-lasting protection against germs, viruses and bacteria for up to 4 or 6 hours (2 available solutions) - like an invisible glove.

Within the 'new normal' the world first MediTrooper is better able to protect a work force, visitors and customers. Presenting a MediTrooper in your venue not only sends a clear message of care, but also creates protection from hidden costs e.g employee absence through sickness.

The screen function is particularly useful for retailers, as it allows you to play promotional videos to motivate buyers and ensure that your advertising is consciously perceived. The device pays for itself very quickly. You also increase the feeling of security of your customers



EN13727 Bacteria
EN14476 All Enveloped Viruses

EN13624 Fungi

Water based - gentle and kind to the skin. Dermalogically tested using all natural ingredients and safe on sensitive skin.


A unique feature of Viridis is the ongoing protection (up to 4 hours) after application. Alcohol hand sanitisers do not offer this protection and stop working 30 seconds after use. With so many products not fit for purpose, you need a product that stands up to scrutiny and works at 99.999% efficacy 


The development of Viridis is nothing short of a miracle. To produce a fully natural product that can kill all enveloped viruses and bacterias at an enhanced rate, this is the leading format in the future of protective science. 



Multi Surface Disinfectant 

Traditional methods? - Surface sanitisation products last just seconds, so re-contamination is immediate. Constant wipe downs  cost in product and operator time. Now you can save time and money with the MHT concept.

MHT are proud to partner Pathogon. A unique water based multi-surface disinfectant made from the latest generation of active ingredients, offering incredible results. killing up to 99.9999% of harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Boasting a non-corrosive 24 hour protection after application, using Residual Barrier Technology. 

Removes bio-film and is also Halal registered.

Safe to use on food preperation surfaces, without the need to rinse or wipe down. 

Use in conjunction with our fogging equipment and you can have the perfect venue protector with incredible cost savings.  

MHT have deliberately engineered our pricing structures to offer excellent value, whilst using the very best market products. We want our customers to not only feel safe, but actually have confidence in protecting their environments.  

Package 3 - MediTrooper 500

+ Venue 1500

500 persons per day

1500 m2 venue

Price on request: 

Typical breakdown costs

7 - 9p per m3.

Hand application 2p

Package 1 - MediTrooper 50

+ venue 150

50 persons per day

150 m2 venue

Price on request:


Typical breakdown costs

7 - 9p per m3.

Hand application 2p

Package 2 - MediTrooper 250 + Venue 750

250 persons per day

750 m2 venue

Price on request:


Typical breakdown costs

7 - 9p per m3.

Hand application 2p


Ask for details on the best plan for you

Tailor Made Cost Effective Packages

All venues are different. That means each concept requires an element of tailoring. You choose for your needs.

Our package offers are a guide to what you can expect from our innovative team.


David Irvine


With a wealth of experience in the corporate sector, David brings a calm and focussed perspective to the business. Promoting a strong financial stability to MediHealth Technologies.



Andrew Hart


Andy brings colour, humour and sanity to the team. With a background of management in Health and Social Care, his experience and knowledge adds considerable value. His strength to recognise the needs of H&S and risk assessments guide the team to a more structured platform and offering.


Malcolm Bell


Since leaving the Emergency Services in 2011 Malcolm has become a serial entrepreneur. With a number of businesses to his credit, he has found a way to develop a world class concept in a challenging environment.


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